Youtube ^%$#@% Us

I have advised everyone for years not to make YouTube their primary revenue source. And now, we see why.

In a heartbeat, many advertisers lost 90-100% of the ad revenue. Anything Youtube considered “not mainstream” was hit.

This included just about everything related to sexuality as well as many other topics (guns, race, gender equality, etc) that were deemed ‘non-advertiser friendly’.

Many of my dear friends were hit by this rather hard.

Repeat after me:

You cannot rely on advertisers to finance your revolutionary empire.

Not if you are creating content that in any way undermines the status quo. And, sadly, the status quo is not to actually solve people’s problems, but to sell them products to distract them from the fact that they have a problem.

This is part of the greater war that has been brewing between those with power and the rest of us, just like the FetLife credit card pull-out, the ban on certain types of erotica in the UK, internet censorship in the UK, new regs around sex in France and Germany, the war to end Net Neutrality in the US, and more.

They see we are making progress. That progress will not be stopped. And so every possible stop is being pulled.

This is global, coordinated, and consistent.

What to do instead?

  1. Be clear about the war you are in.
  2. Find partners, investors, patrons, and learn to sell like hell.
  3. Commit for the long term–or find another line of work.
  4. Get community support.
  5. Be wise in your provocations.
  6. Develop yourself emotionally as well as professionally
  7. Move out of the shadows–Get loud and proud

So much to say about all of these. I will add more later.



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