Women: stop running permanent masculine energy!

Watching a bit of a meltdown from another dear dear powerful woman at the moment.

The problem is, what succeeds and works for her is also killing her.

Lots of money. Lots of followers. Lots of power.

And, bought at a price she didn’t realize she was paying the whole time.

Our world responds powerfully to powerful masculine energy.

Bold claims. Deep penetration. Powerful messaging.

We are starving for that. We want to follow that. We want empowerment.

We reward that.

Powerful feminine energy seems invisible at times. We have very few examples of it in modern society.

Powerful receptivity, surrender, and acceptance seems like an oxymoron.

And yes, this energy is subtly a thousand times more powerful.

99% of nature is so slow that you can barely see anything happening. And yet, it creates everything.

A baby grows imperceptibly daily over 9 months. While mother isn’t doing anything to make that happen!

Female bodies seem challenged to run primarily masculine energy for long periods of time.

Even male bodies know the importance of shutting down and recuperating. Ever heard of man flu? That’s when a man becomes more feminine than the female.

“The Western woman will save the world”. The Dalai Lama said that.

But, she will not save it by being a better man than the men around her.

That path has yet to be found.

If you want to talk about the infinitely subtle path of femininity and feminine energy, call me.

It’s hard to write anything about it. It’s hard to explain anything about it. The best I can do is to create a field that you can sense of it.

Once a woman is able to understand that field and step into it at will, her power multiplies. But it looks like she’s doing so much less.

And it feeeeeels so much better.

Stop pushing, ladies! We love you. We want to support you. Does that idea seem strange? That we all want to support you? It’s true.

You may have to train us a bit, but not with force.

I love you.



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