Why I’m Sad

To be honest, I was sad when I heard about a dear friend spending $50k to learn what we are continually learning in our new structure.
That’s fine.
  • You may like learning in a fancy hotel.
  • You may like the teacher more. 😮
  • And the marketing may be fancier (although I’ve learned to be cautious about super slick marketing).
How do I know it’s the same stuff?
Because *everyone* teaches the same stuff.
All the greats and experts. 1-2-3 ABC.
And I learned from the best. And then I went and learned a half-dozen other people’s systems and got tiny pieces to add. But, basically it was all in the first guy’s stuff. (Which I paid for to learn 1:1–the best way for me.)
I recently had someone say (actually I’ve heard this several times): “I just spent $40k / $50k / $100k with no results! Why would I spend money with you??”
Sorry you “wasted” 10’s of 1000’s of dollars. But what does that have to do with me?
To make those people happy, I introduced a $200k program. So, that’s possible for people who want and need that.
The sad truth is that most of the people who attend an event or a program expecting that to be the solution will never use the information or become anything more than they are right now.
No one can do your pushups for you.
But, knowing which exercises to do is a good thing. There is value there.
The $50k program? You probably won’t get any time from the person running it. But their bank account thanks you.
Eventually, people will migrate back to the ‘trust’ economy. And not the short-term pumped-up trust of the skilled marketer, but real trust, established over time.
I’m confident that I am optimally placed for that. Actually, I know it, because my income has doubled every month since I started with this new thing.
If you want for $54 a month what most business coaches are charging $10k a pop for, join us.



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