Use Your HED to Get Ahead

Nothing makes me more sad than to see someone with tremendous potential be unable to achieve that.

Especially if that person could make a shift in the way we views and experiences sexuality, pleasure, and eroticism–which I consider the key to freedom for each of us and all of us.

I share here how we get in our own way to prevent our healing and transformation and success and how to get beyond that.

You are powerful.

Destined for great things. And you have your own mind.

And, that can be a problem problem, right there.

You find yourself locked in thinking and behavioral patterns that you know aren’t serving you, but you haven’t found a way out, whether that’s a solution to pain of aloneness or to the next level of your professional career.

Despite all the work you have done. All the coaching and mentors and therapists and healers and workshops and programs and books.

You’re still stuck. Maybe financially and professionally. Or with relationships. Or both.

But what if…

… Your mind went instantly silent, any time it needed to? And you had full access to your creativity, insight, and genius just like when you were a child?

… Your body experienced orgasmic bliss all the time? And you could use this arousal and turn-on to smash through problems? find greater patience and confidence and growth? and get what you want?

… You always knew what to do. You never needed to think or worry about or wonder what the next step was?

Sound too good to be true?

I have met many women who seem unable to reach their goals with conventional or even alternative healing techniques. This led me onto the very unbeaten path.

I studied the most powerful techniques of change and influence that have been used by everything from PR firms, to the CIA, to cults, to professional dominatrixes, and con artists.

Some of these techniques of manipulation, influence, and even control seem abhorrent and shocking.

And they are.

If they are used to manipulate people into doing things against their best interests.

However, if you take the same ideas and techniques that are used to manipulate and enslave people and “play them backwards”, as it were, you can free yourself–fast.

And so, I have asked myself, “If I took the gloves off and used the most powerful techniques for change and development that I have discovered–what would I do?”

Thus my HED system was born.

H.E.D. stands for H.ypnosis, E.roticism, and D.omination.

I have learned many energetic and physical modalities. But these three catalyze the deepest most powerful transformation when:

  • Everything else seems to have failed
  • The blocks which need to be healed feel impossible to dissolve
  • The distance to your dreams feels impossibly far away

When we apply these, I have found we have the best chance and greatest leverage for powerful change and success.

I’ve described in detail how the program works and why here.

If you’d like to talk about using our “HED” to get to the next level of healing and accomplishment, contact me at



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