Sex (workshops)

Ah, sex! Such a beautiful sticky, challenging, perhaps necessary topic!?

I’ve spent over 100 days in workshops learning about and practicing various aspects of sex, sexuality, and intimacy.

And I’m not sure I really know that much more than when I started.

Sure, I can do things with my body and others’ that I didn’t realize were possible.

I understand how to interact with breath, sound, and movement (and the fourth element) to open my own body and others’ to incredible heights of pleasure and response.

And I am now aware of the deep truths lurking under our fantasies, desires, wishes, and urges.

And I’m not afraid of any of it.

And yet, sex seems to go on forever.

From the newspapers it seems you never get too spiritual for it.

From the holy texts we learn that it can be sacred–somehow.

But we all have many questions:

  • What is sex?
  • Who should we have sex with? When?
  • Is sex dangerous? Can we mitigate those dangers?
  • Is sex a blessing or a curse?
  • What does sex have to do with the rest of life?
  • Is celibacy also a sexual practice?
  • How does society’s take on sex affect us? What’s all this with genders and attractions and these letters LGB++?
  • What should I know about sex that I don’t?
  • What do I believe about sex that is wrong?
  • Can spirituality and sex be combined?

My answers are constantly changing and this ‘workshop’ is an exploration for the answers of these questions yourself.

It is crafted largely according to the desires, wants, and needs of the participants.

I hold space together with trusted assistants and facilitators.

It’s a fun workshop.

As all my workshops, the cost is $1000 (only for the workshop participation–does not include room/board and travel). You can assume it will be held at or near Salt Lake City, Utah.

We begin promptly at 6 PM on Friday and end by 6 PM on Sunday.

Unlike most workshops, it both begins with the shortest questionnaire ever as soon as you have registered and continues until the live event itself.

Each workshop is limited to 12 participants. We will be in contact via e-mail and a private messaging app from the time you register until the workshop takes place.

The workshop itself will be scheduled in concert with the participants once all of you have registered.

It is a significant faith and trust-in-the-divine-based decision to register.

To register, pay $1000 at this link to reserve your place. In the notes, include which workshop you are registering for.