Love (workshop)


Love is what we are made of.

Love might be what everything is made of.

It’s the universal constant that can never be quite grasped, held, isolated, or captured.

Love is a deep one.

We could talk about it forever.

My desire and intent is to help you experience love in a new way for you during our time together.

Some questions that might be relevant:

  • What is love? Does it always have to hurt?
  • Are there simple patterns and systems we can apply to love?
  • What does intuition have to do with love?
  • Is love a verb or a noun? Or both?
  • How do we receive and extend love, as an action?
  • What looks like love but isn’t?
  • What feels painful but actually might be love?
  • Whom do we share love with? How?
  • What is the ‘point’ of love?
  • What keeps us from experiencing and allowing the flow of love?
  • What do poets, artists, musicians and others have to share about love?

This one is pretty deep. I recommend you visit another workshop first, if you aren’t familiar with my work in person.

You might experience things here that shatter your entire worldview and existing structures.

I put a lot of time and energy into crafting this experience for us all, resonating from the group.

I love you!

As usual, participation is faith-based.

The cost is $1000 (only for the workshop–does not include room/board or travel). You can assume it will be held at or near Salt Lake City, Utah.

We begin promptly at 6 PM on Friday and end by 6 PM on Sunday.

Unlike most workshops, it both begins with the shortest questionnaire ever as soon as you have registered and continues until the live event itself.

Each workshop is limited to 12 participants. We will be in contact via e-mail and a private messaging app from the time you register until the workshop takes place.

The workshop itself will be scheduled in concert with the participants once all of you have registered.

To register, pay $1000 at this link to reserve your place. In the notes, include which workshop you are registering for.