On Death

“Everything begins with death.” – Me

I remember my grandma on my mother’s side dying of Alzheimer’s. She was confused. Then she couldn’t recognize me. Then she went to a place for that. I never saw her again. I was twelve.

My other grandma is 94 years old. Every year, she complains to the doctor that ‘he said she’d be dead and she’s not’.

My dad says he wants “Maybe 10 more good years.” He’s 70.

And yet, so many people are dying lately that seem ‘too young’. Are you noticing this?

I’ve had shocking news a couple times just in the past week.

There is a tribe in the Bush that just keeps walking when someone dies.

In Varanasi, they burn the bodies and push them into the Ganges.

We have funerals.

But our world is changing. People are dying thousands of miles away to whom I feel deep connection.

  • How do we honor that?
  • How do we process that?
  • What should we think?
  • How should we feel?

And that’s only the most obvious kind of death.

There are other kinds of death that seems to be happening with increasing frequency. The death of ‘who we thought we were’ or the death of relationships. The death of a way of life. And so much more.

  • How do we deal with all the death around us, surrounding us, inside us?
  • What is your relationship with death?
  • What kinds of death are there?
  • Do we die once or many times?
  • What did Jesus mean with his talk about “losing your life to find it”?

If you are interested in processing a recent or upcoming physical death or pondering another kind of death, join us.


We start with a short questionnaire as soon as you register and continues with our contact until the live event itself.

I will be in contact with you via e-mail and a private messaging app from the time you register until the event takes place.

It will be held at or near Salt Lake City, Utah.

The together time will begin promptly at 6 PM on Friday and end by 6 PM on Sunday.

You will receive personal time to be the focus at the event.

I expect miracles and massive illuminations.

It will be scheduled with the participants once it is full.

It limited to 12 participants.

The cost is $1000 (for participation–does not include room/board and travel).

It is a significant faith and trust-in-the-divine-based decision to participate.

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