The Personal Journey

If you:

  1. Know you are meant to make a giant splash in the world.
  2. Have $200,000 to spend on your own personal development in doing that.
  3. Would like to find out how to make that splash in the fastest, most powerful (but not easy) way…

…. then read on.

I am opening up applications to work with me intensely one-on-one for the next two weeks (until May 15th).

I have been on this path for almost a decade. I’ve covered so many aspects of leadership and working 1:1 (my favorite way to work) with people including: coaching, mentoring, therapy, healing, bodywork, mind-work, counseling, training, teaching, professional supervision, energy work, spiritual support, BDSM, tantra, logic, meditation, productivity, time management, sales, marketing, finance, and business.

I have seen many miracles in that time–in my life–and in the lives of those whom I touch.

This 1:1 work is a 200-hour commitment to your own growth and development. The structure is flexible both in location and duration of session times.

Here’s how to get started:

  1. You fill out the Application here.
  2. I will review it and offer you an interview or recommend what looks best for you.
  3. After the interview, we will both decide whether this is what we want to do.

Very simple.

If you aren’t yet ready for this level of commitment, consider this instead.

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