The Personal Journey

What if you could have a true expert dedicated to your pleasure, success, and happiness?

I have been studying and practicing pleasure virtually full-time for almost a decade.

I’ve followed a path of mastery on three paths to pleasure:

  1. Mind
  2. Body
  3. Energy

Your development and progress in any area of your life is deeply connected to the amount of pleasure you are prepared to accept and absorb.

You are a pleasure-desiring and seeking being.

I accept that totally.

I use the skills which I have developed (and some I was born with) to help you dive as deeply as you can into your personal pleasure search.

Our  1:1 (my favorite way to work) with people including: bodywork, mind/trancework, energy work, BDSM, tantra.

This 1:1 work is a deep commitment to your own growth and development. The structure is flexible both in location and duration of session times.

Here’s how to get started:

  1. You fill out the Application here.
  2. I will review it and offer you an interview or recommend what looks best for you.
  3. After the interview, we will both decide whether this is what we want to do.

Very simple.

Looking forward!