Schedule and Links

[This page is for people participating in the online coaching program.]

Instructions for your Triumph.

Here is the schedule for the ‘topic of the month’. You can of course ask and get help with every step, but this will be the focus of the content I create.

Goals –Why am I here? Where am I going?
JuneIdentity and Offer – Who am I and what do I Do?
JulyClients – Whom do I serve and how?
AugustLeadGen – How do I find my desired clients and get them to ‘raise their hands’?
September – NovemberSALES – How do I help people say YES to themselves?
December – Service – Doing my work more effectively.

– Money – Management and Attitudes
February – Working with Others – Support people, delegation, JV’s, etc…
March – Self-care – “W/L balance” – What ‘falls through the cracks
April – Technology and Productivity – How to apply it to your business and life.

And of course, the whole time, I will be holding your hand, answering your questions, and supporting you with wherever you are in this process.

Weekly Evaluation and Accountability.

The Seven Stages

1: Goals

2: I know Me (Watch/Read the Videos/Articles below in Order)
What are My Superpowers?
Presence Superpowers

3: I know What I Offer

4: I know Whom I help

5: I know Where they are

6: I know How to get Leads

7: I know How to Sell

[8: I do my job with excellence.]