Support for Conscious Entrepreneurs in Sexuality and Intimacy

Are you a conscious entrepreneur who works with sexuality and intimacy?

If so, AND you would like support to learn, grow, and create a thriving business doing that, keep reading.

I have learned that true growth takes time and effort and that I do best with personal attention.

I have also learned that I grow best in supportive community.

You too?


I have created a personalized, simple, low-cost program to support you in achieving your professional dreams.

How does it work?

This is a monthly program that allows you to start where you are, ask any question you want, and get support at your pace to move forward in your professional life.

More specifically:

  1. You get personal attention from me, Ryan Orrock. Ask any question, and it will be answered. And, I give you questions to answer and researches to perform in your own life to find out where you are and help you make the changes you need to move forward.
  2. Accountability and regular feedback. How are you progressing? How do you know? Get feedback from someone who has helped many people accomplish similar goals to yours.
  3. Go at your speed. Who can possibly determine the tempo of your own learning and progression besides you? We are not in a hurry, and there is time for you to create your business, as long as you are making small steps. We will find the optimal tempo for you.
  4. The investment is minimal. This program is only $54 a month. Start and stop anytime.
  5. There is community. We have forums and also meet in small groups to talk about what we are learning and how we are progressing.
  6. There is no long-term commitment. Pause or stop at any time.
  7. Lots of additional resources and content. You get access to all of my business, sexuality and intimacy content as well.

The resources inside cover everything you need to start or build a 1:1 business working with people:

Such as :

  1. Setting your clear goals
  2. Understanding who you are, what your personal magic is, and ‘what transformation(s) you provide’
  3. Determining whom you serve best
  4. Finding your best clients
  5. The sales process
  6. Delivering your magic
  7. Handling money
  8. Technical challenges
  9. Emotional release and belief clearing

…and anything else you may need along the way.

This program is best for you if you are at one of these levels:

  1. Wonder whether you can help people. (Student/beginner)
  2. Are helping people–friends and family–for free. (Intern level)
  3. Are getting paid a little bit but want to move from this from a hobby to a full-time professional career. (Apprentice)
  4. You can live on your income but want to help more people and develop a bigger practice. (Practitioner)

The program is constantly growing and evolving with you.

Here you can be yourself, and it’s ok. We are all who we are, where we are at, and are simply supporting each other in moving forward.

If you’d like to join us in moving forward with your professional goals at your own tempo, you can join us here. Simply sign up and I will send you a welcome e-mail to get you going.

I look forward to seeing you grow and succeed.

Ryan Orrock

P.S. A few testimonials and FAQ are below.








Others’ Experiences

Listen to Joseph Kramer (the founder of Sexological Bodywork):

“Ryan is truly one of a kind, he has a very special energy. He’s the best coach I’ve ever worked with. His unique perspective, insights and talents have the ability to enable you to achieve what you never even dared dreaming of achieving.”

Lloyd Burrell, – France

[Ryan: I enjoyed helping Lloyd turn his passion into his main vocation of the past 5 years. We were sitting in a bar and came up with the idea and the name of the web site below.

Since then he has become a world leader in the movement to heal people from Electrosensitivity (EMF’s). He is also a powerful energy healer and has started and expanding his coaching/healing business.]

“Ryan Orrock is a phenomenal coach. He helped me get my forgiveness coaching practice going in a very short time. He showed how to get clients as a natural extension of things I was already doing. Working with him was a turning point for me. I am forever grateful.” – Eileen Barker, Marin, CA

[Eileen is amazing. I hired her to help me with my relationship with my parents and we did amazing work, thanks to her knowledge, patience, and structure. It was the beginning of changing everything for me around my parents. She was doing great when we met and we added just a few tweaks to 1. Create a long-term program. 2. Learn how to sell it — and it changed from a hobby into a vocation for her. Now she is going from strength to strength.]

“I started working with Ryan as I was working with clients on a session by session basis and knew it wasn’t the best for either me or my clients. I changed to offering clients only programmes.”

“With Ryan’s support, it was so easy to do and happened within days of us starting to work together. It has made such a difference to me. Working with clients who are committed to a programme of sessions is so much more fulfilling and the transformations are deeper. My clients are happier. I’m happier.”

“On a practical level it’s less time consuming, my income has grown and my cash flow is more steady. Ryan is a brilliant coach. I appreciate not only his support but also his challenges and for holding the highest vision possible for me. Really happy to recommend Ryan. ” – Sarah Rose Bright, UK


Why should you listen to me?

I have had several unsuccessful healing, mentoring, and coaching businesses and I have had some very successful ones as well. Pretty much whatever it is, I’ve been there. I’ve done it. And, over the years I’ve spent 10’s of $1000’s learning how to build businesses doing what I love. I’m still always learning from the best coaches, mentors, and teachers that I can find.

I’ve helped many people sign their first clients, create their first packages and sell them, and develop a foundational income doing what they love.

I’m one of very few people focusing on the relating and intimacy world and most of my clients come from those fields.

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