These are various stories from my life and…other places. Many of them are posted on Patreon and are available to members only. Others are free.


The Dad Chronicles

#1 – Summary of the Situation a Year Out (membership)
#2 – What Got Me Into this Mess
#3 – The Mansion Arrives
#4 – Hey! That’s not Fair!
#5 – Friends come to Save
#6 – Killing Myself on my Birthday
#7 – Moving back In
#8 – Finding Distractions
#9 – December
#10 – Messages in a Migraine
#11 – Under the Knife
#12 – Conversations with God

The Queen of Prostate Work

Why Women Talk “too Much” (free)
Backdoor Burrowing (or not!) ($5)
Unleashing Marilyn ($1)

The Tantric Beat Down

How to Get a Woman to Blow You from the Standstill

My First Strip Club

My First Lap Dance

My First Tantra Workshop

A StCl Connoisseur

“Look ma! No Hands!” – The AB Test

Falling in Love. Again??!?!

Welcome to the Armory
1 – The Tour
2 – The Show

The Mish

Client Life





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