A Solution to the Problem of Service

Like many people who want to serve others, I have been faced with what seemed an impossible dilemma:

  1. The value of my personal time and services increases as I gain experience, wisdom, knowledge, and understanding.
  2. I have a deep desire to help *everyone*.
  3. I need to provide for myself.
  4. I want to help ever-more people.
  5. A personal issue: I am very “intense”. Working with me can be like drinking from a firehose.

In addition, I faced the other issues people in my role do:

  1. How do I keep growing and learning when I need to market and deliver my services constantly?
  2. How do I deal with people who don’t show up, keep their commitments or don’t [want to] pay?
  3. Even if I am successful, how do avoid burnout and have adequate time for myself?

I did what many healers, teachers, coaches, etc. who are outside the mainstream do:

  1. I worked for free. I believe in serving and giving back. But, in our world, working for free doesn’t work long-term. Not only do I then have few resources to meet my needs and take care of myself, people often do not value things which require no investment. (Violated #3)
  2. I became “exclusive”.  (Violated #2)
  3. I burned out and wanted to withdraw (#2 again).

…and I followed many permutations of all of those over about four years. Nothing worked or satisfied my requirements.

In addition, here are the problems for people seeking personal help with life, sex, relationships, business, health, etc:

  1. There is a ton of information out there. But how do I apply it?
  2. Whose information is correct?
  3. I can’t see what I ‘can’t see’ because I don’t see it.  My programming makes me ‘blind’ to the useful parts of the information I do find. How do I see it?
  4. Who do I trust for 1:1 support? They want huge investments. What if I choose someone who can’t help? Or if we’re just not a fit? And I’ve already paid 5, 50, or 500k dollars?
  5. In addition, those ‘programs’ have strict rules and enforcement about time, duration…what if I get sick or injured or need to take a break for any other reason? Do I lose that massive investment? That I paid in advance? Do I quit? Do I sue?

It’s no wonder that people feel stuck.

I finally figured it out. For both sides.

I figured out a way for anyone to get personal support from me with virtually anything they want to change about life.

So, how do I help as many people as possible personally and deeply with very challenging issues that I am perhaps the best person to solve without becoming burned out?

To do so, I had to uncouple my understanding of time.

The popular thinking goes: Either I am staring you in the face helping you (and that’s very expensive), or I hand you prepackaged information (cheaper) and say, “Go for it! Bye!”. I don’t like ‘selling information’. Statistics indicate that around  5% of people can implement “naked information” without support. I don’t like the thought of only 5% of people solving the problem they came to me to solve.

I’d love to work 20 hours a week with every person who wants my time. But there is only one of me.

Dilemma indeed.

It turns out that, thanks to the magical invention called the Internet, I can personally coach hundreds of people a month–perhaps thousands, as long as I do this one thing.

What is this thing?

I disconnect their issues and questions from my immediate response.

I have up times and down times. I have high energy times and less high-energy times. I have times when I am busy. I have times when I am free.

So, I needed to find a way to work effectively in my high-energy, free times to give everyone the best possible support and experience.

In addition, I have created many programs that do provide information that will get people 80% of the way there with most issues they are facing. But left alone with it, life gets in the way, we get distracted. You know how it is.

So, here’s what I do.

I chopped my current hourly rate ($1000) down into tiny segments.

In fact, the smallest segment is now just 90 seconds. So you can buy 1.5 minutes of my personal attention and support.

Per month.

Wait!“, you say, “That sounds useless! What can you possibly help me with in 90 seconds?”

Here’s where it gets cool.

I have written hundreds of articles and made dozens of videos and audio files and explaining all about relationships, sexuality, connection, intimacy, business, energetics, and lots more. And, I have all sorts of practices that I have learned, created, adapted, and applied to myself for higher and greater results.

They are all over the internet and all over the many sites I have created through the years.

If you ask me your specific question, chances are, I have already answered it in depth many times. In which case, it takes me about 30 seconds to find that thing and shoot it to you.

60 seconds left.

Now, you read it. You try it. You have another question. So you ask.

And, when I have time, generally in about 48 hours, you get another answer. I give you something to try out. And you try it out. Again, 30 seconds. You still have coaching time left!

But because we did it asynchronously (not in direct contact), my time was used to full efficiency. And you were helped to do the things that are going to improve your life at minimal cost. Not just read about them. Not just think about them. But do something

This system won’t work if you don’t want to do anything or expect me to do things for you.  I can’t do your push-ups.

But, if you are willing to take some cutting-edge tried-and-true ideas and actually apply them, you will see results. And get all your questions answered.

If you enjoy the process and our interaction, continue.

If you want to work faster on more challenging and esoteric issues, you can simply go up a level in the system to get more time with me.

What if,” you ask, “I ask you something really hard you’ve never heard before?”

Awesome! I take a few hours to think, research, maybe interview someone and come up with another article, video, or podcast.

I put that content into the public or on the level of my membership system you have already paid for, and you have a quality, powerful answer. You will get that link. If you have more questions, we just go back into the process.

And you don’t pay any more for that.

Every question is welcome.

So you think you can actually help me change my life in 90 seconds a month?”


I have been devoted full-time to personal development since 2008.  Few people have spent that time in the field. I’ve worked with hundreds of people. I’ve seen what works and what doesn’t.

And I’ve seen enough eyes glaze over when I get ‘in the zone’ to know the importance of giving bite-sized action steps and enough time to do them.

I can keep probably 95% of people who want to work with me busy and happy with their progress with just a minute or two a month.

Progress takes practice.

It’s hard work.

It’s knowing where to put that effort that is important. But you have to do it.

If you don’t find this system is helping you reach your goals, that’s fine. We shake hands and move on, digitally speaking 🙂 There is no commitment. I don’t lock you in. You can take breaks and vacations and come back [as long as spots are free]. It’s completely flexible.

There’s another thing I’ve created to help you, though.

I put you together in groups of 3 with people who are facing a similar challenges. I call each group a “Triumph”.

You will meet with your Triumph every week and be able to track your progress, get support, and be accountable to one another.

You will find that, often, your Triumph will have answers (or tease out the answers already inside of you) and that keep you moving forward.

If not, you are welcome to ask me any question and it works just like I wrote above.

In summary:

  • Weekly small-group meetings.
  • Personal support from me.
  • Extremely low investment.
  • A massive amount of content.
  • No long-term commitment.

It’s taken me four years to design this, and it is constantly improving.

Another question:

What if you don’t ask me anything?

Then, you still get access to everyone else’s questions and my answers, all my programs, all my new content…which is more than enough to help you make progress toward your relationship, professional, and other life goals.

I imagine many people will make great progress just with the Triumph and free content.

Ok, sure,” you ask, “But what if I have NO money? Then I have NO way to participate!”

Great question!

As long as you have internet access (which you can get for free at any public library), you can access all of my (constantly updating) content about the basics in life to support yourself in shifting in ways to meet not only your basic needs, but also to be able to invest in yourself.

I’ve had people use a few of my free ideas and massively increase their income in a very short time.

One more question:

What if I want to work with you 1:1 personally face-to-face or over the internet?”

It’s possible. I have an application you can fill out, we will discuss it briefly and decide how to move forward.

This makes me happy.

I finally have a way to help anyone get what they want in their lives, no matter the budget, time they are willing to invest, or goal.

I’m very proud of this.

This is rolling out in a bigger way right now. I already have taken a few ‘test students’ and the initial results have blown me away.

I’d love to have you participate.

To get more information, sign up for my newsletter on the right side of this site, or contact me through the contact page, and I’ll send you information about how to access each level.

Payment is handled by a responsible third party payment and subscription system–you pay them and they pay me each month. You can talk to them about any technical financial questions.

This is so *&^%$#@ fun.

I look forward to helping you move forward in your own development.

All my love,
Ryan Orrock


Q: How do you keep track of the time you have spent with me?
A: The system tracks it for me. If I feel like we aren’t synched on expectations, I’ll tell you and we’ll work it out.

Q: Yeah, but you can’t work with an infinite number of people. At some time your time will run out, right?
A: Yes. This is true. I have set limits for every level to manage my energy levels. Once a program level is full, it won’t accept any new clients until others complete. This is all managed automatically.




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