[This is for participants in the online program.]

This is the schedule of the content for the year.

Labels! (And Concepts) – Why good and bad labels kill intimacy, connection, and pleasure
June – Needs 
– An introduction to Fundamental Human Needs and getting yours scored, creating plans to get more met.
July – Feelings – What they are, how they work, why they are so important and how to begin to feel them and use them as guides in your life. Also, Feelings vs Emotions
August Knowing what you Want – Part I of Perfect Relating, and, for many of us, the hardest part. What gets in the way? Why? How to fix it.
SeptemberAsking for What you Want – II/III – Sounds easy, but isn’t. Why don’t we ask? How to handle everything that can happen when we do.
October Negotiating – III/III – or “Why ‘No’ is the Beginning of the Conversation”

To be added: beliefs, Breath, sound, movement, intention. TMCW book.