Help with Sexuality, Intimacy, and Relationships

Often we don’t start thinking seriously about relationships until we begin sexual ones.

Then all #$%^ breaks loose.

This is not due to inherent imperfection in ourselves but is a combination of many factors around us.

Relationships–actually, “Relating” is not actually very complex.

It consists of 3 steps:

  1. Knowing what you want
  2. Asking for it
  3. Negotiation

But those three steps are fraught with all kinds of challenges and roadblocks.

If you’d like support with one or more of these areas, join us! I have set up a program for us to get what we want together in sexuality, intimacy, and relationships and it has brought many people massive shifts–including me!

Ask any question and get my personal support for just $24/month currently. Also get support from others in the community on an ongoing basis. Stop any time.

Looking forward to having you with us!

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Ryan Orrock