Personal Pleasure School

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When I was almost 30, I decided to radically change my life. That involved leaving a lot of people and organizations that had been very close to me.

Why did I do it?

I wasn’t enjoying life enough.

And I’m not the only one.

We see it all the time: people leaving their families, endangering their reputations and careers to search for something more.


Can it be that these people aren’t just evil or bad? But that their God-given Being is sending them on a search for something that they don’t know how to fulfill?

Yet others embrace a path of pleasure–even hedonism–and are looked down upon and criticized.

And, in many ways, society confuses us by using pleasure to sell things that don’t actually deliver what they promise.

I have been on a journey for a decade of finding pleasure, connection, intimacy, integration, and God (!).

I have made so very many mistakes and found so many magical things.

I have coalesced all of my experience and learning into what I call the Pleasure School or the Pleasure Path.

I have learned that, without pleasure, the success of the rest of our lives doesn’t really matter. With pleasure, we can accomplish anything on any realm.

Perhaps that sounds counter intuitive. Or counter to what we are taught. But children do it perfectly–they grow, they learn–all be pursuing what they enjoy. Even Jesus agrees: “Unless you become like children, you’ll never enter the kingdom of God.”

Once I clearly saw how important pleasure is to a joyful life, I decided to share everything I have learned.

I’ve also decided to do so in a way that is within just about everyone’s grasp.

At the moment, the Pleasure School is a $20 per month commitment to yourself and your own pleasure. I will share with you about:

  • How to cultivate awareness in the search for pleasure and why that is key
  • Why physical health and well-being is such an important prerequisite to pleasure, what the top three components of health for pleasure are and how to achieve it
  • How the three Shadows of Shame, Guilt, and Fear prevent us from exploring pleasure and how to release them.
  • The Three Keys to Pleasure and how to use them in your pleasure life to great effect
  • The three components of communicating your desires and wishes in a way that connects you more deeply to your partners to explore your desires and get your needs met
  • How to release control and invite surrender safely to experience powerful and transformational pleasure states
  • …and much more.

You’ll also be able to ask any questions you want and get support on your own personal Path of Pleasure.

I have spend hundreds of thousands of dollars and thousands of hours learning the things I share in the course. What I share can change your life forever for the better.

The sign-up link is available here. The content and billing is managed through Patreon.

I look forward to having you with me on this journey.

– Ryan Orrock