Mistakes Oculus is Making

I am going to write a lot more about VR soon. But, I have to get this off my chest.

  1. Selling a system piecemeal.
    They are selling a car one tire at a time at the moment. The Oculus doesn’t really work like it should–or as good as the Vive–until you have all the pieces. Then, it’s better. Here’s the bundle that Oculus should be selling.

    • Oculus Rift
    • 3 Sensors
    • Oculus Touch
    • • Monoprice Six-Foot USB 3.0 Extension
      • Monoprice Six-Foot HDMI Extension (Read More here)

Without the extension cords, you are constantly afraid you are going to break something (takes you out of immersion). Without the third sensor, fun games like Robo Recall are constantly telling you to turn around (destroying immersion). And selling the rift without the Touch is just stupid at this point. Like a car with no steering wheel.

2. Having demos in really crappy places.
You don’t “get” VR until you try it. Everyone I have come over and try my system is blown away. But I have full, roomscale tracking in a place with no disturbances (and where they won’t be disturbed.)

When I had my demo at best buy, it was with 2 sensors, crammed in between two sets of shelves with people constantly walking by me, touching me, “excuse me” etc.

There was no possibility to really experience VR. VR needs space, peace, and the opportunity to really immerse oneself in the world.

3. Not putting attention into Oculus. Stop coming out with better services and S/W for GearVR than Oculus. Cutting off their noses to spite their faces.  Nuff said.

There are more things they are doing wrong–that’s often what happens once the acquisition happens and the passion goes out.

Still, Rift is the best consumer VR experience that exists and is totally life-changing.



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