Migraines / Migraine Headaches

Migraines, reviled universally as a despotic and hated evil of creation are actually an opportunity and invitation.

Ironically, for healing.

In contrast to a cold or a flu, a migraine is a very specific, targeted, powerful healing invitation.

The invitation can be attacked, ignored, scorned, or accepted and loved.

I once read an article many years ago–back when the internet was full of people presenting valuable knowledge for free instead of being overcome by the marketers.

They described some very intense healing methods, such as body electronics (for healing teeth) and bathing in hot sauce and mustard mixtures and then wrapping yourself in sheets dipped in ice water and watching as they changed colors, drinking a lot of water and switching the sheets from time to time.

This could trigger a healing crisis that could last for up to 12 hours.

Another was being strapped against the wall and having firehoses blasted against you…

I remember a quote from the article well:

“Nowadays many people would consider these intensive healing methods. I guess back then people considered dying ‘intense’.”

Now we live in comfort and luxury–anything to prevent discomfort. This path is not diametrically opposed to growth but we are missing some key components.

I have had many migraines without benefiting. However, my last 6 migraines (including 2 on one day) have all changed me permanently in a good way.

By opening up to them (instead of fighting them) and accepting the gift they offered, each one ‘changed’ something inside me–my thinking and build-up of the world–in a profoundly positive and powerful way.

I knew they were triggered by working out “excessively”…and yet I “consciously” triggered them over and over to get the gifts they had.

It was kind of like doing an ayuausca journey without flying to Peru.

Welcoming, embracing, and experiencing the gift that every ‘illness’ brings fosters tremendous growth.

So, what can you do when a migraine attacks?

  1. Of course, you know how to take care of yourself best, so start with that.
  2. BREATHE. Deeply. It sounds/feels like I am hyperventilating when I get a migraine. This helps “move” the pain for me.
  3. Make noise. Try moaning or even screaming and yelling…another path for moving pain energy. Most of us do the exact opposite, getting quiet. Try this instead.
  4. Hot baths/showers. In between stomach issues and hot/cold sweats, I make myself a bath (or 2) during a migraine episode. For me, it is helpful.
  5. OPEN to the message of the migraine. Ask, “Why are you here?”, “What are you trying to tell me?”, “What is it I can learn from this?” — This key has made all the difference for me. Saying a prayer of surrender in acceptance rather than cursing the experience has opened me to supernal learnings. This applies to any illness, discomfort, or dis-ease by the way.

As I wrote above, with all the purging and pain (and even visual artifacts), a migraine for me has become a spiritual initiation much like an ayuausca journey. And, as I integrate the messages from each one, perhaps the ‘messenger’ will need to visit less often. That has been my hope, and, at least partially, my experience.

Do you suffer from migraines? Would you like to share your thoughts and feelings? What are they like for you? What has helped?

Looking forward to hearing from you.



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