Losing 40 lbs Quickly and Easily

I’ve lost 40 lbs in the last 6 months.

It’s the easiest hardest thing I’ve ever done.

I’ve been trying to lose weight ever since I lost last time. In 2003. I fasted (just water) for 45 days total and lost 50 lbs total. It was hell (also, a time of total emotional and spiritual awakening coinciding with my Saturn return). And, I not-so-slowly gained it back with interest.

And fought with it for the last 14 years.



Weeping wailing and gnashing of teeth…

Exercising more.

Eating more to balance it out 

Losing a few pounds.

Binging to deal with the fear that was let triggered by losing them (!).

This year…

I have been praying.

Praying and meditating.

A lot.

Like, hours.


And, after almost a decade of very intense (**very** intense) personal development work, finally have hit the ‘fat stuff’.

At least it feels that way.

The reasons I eat are different.

The way I eat is different.

And now it’s just basically melting off.

No hard work. No grit-my-teeth through it. Nothing that feels like a diet (I could do this forever).

And pounds just melting off like they say they should (1-2 per week). Over months.

A little plateau here and there. But not much.

Another 30 to go to get to “ideal” [funny, I feel/notice ‘being fat’ now more than I did 6 months ago].

But, I am happy. This felt like something to ‘take care of’ before I did a bunch of other stuff on my health and healing list.

And so I pushed a lot of stuff in front of me.

Now that this seems to be resolving, I feel excited about my next personal development and health goals.

That’s it. Thanks for reading.

I love you.



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