Going from ‘This Thing I Do’ to a Career

There are four stages of turning your ‘thing you do’ into your career.

Here are the questions.

1. Can I help anyone?

2. Am I helping people?

3. Am I getting paid to help people?

4. Am I getting paid enough to live on to help people?

In the “can I help anyone?” stage, you are learning modalities, going to workshops, honing your craft, and figuring out whether anyone benefits from this thing you like.

Early in my life I figured out people weren’t *really* into listening to me sing 🙁

However, later I learned that they *really* enjoyed and benefited from my touch and energy healing skills. That’s when I decided: “Hey. This may become a thing I do!”

Once I figured out I could help people, I got a bunch of guinea pigs to let me test out my skills. Couchsurfers. Friends. Family. Acquaintances. People on the bus.

Eventually, I had enough that I could do it all the time. Except, I had a job and nobody was paying me.

So I started asking for money. Just a little bit at first.

A lot of people who were happy to get something for nothing disappeared. But enough stayed for me to realize, “Hey! There is money to be made here!”

A lot of people get stuck here. But don’t stop!

After that, I spent a *lot* of money and time figuring out the piece that took me from ‘a little’ money to ‘enough money to live comfortably’.

That took a lot of coaching and studying at first. After that, a lot of practice, self-discovery, and reinvention.

If you are in any of these spaces, all that is available at my program. Start where you are and get to the ‘living comfortably’.

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