Erotic Power – An Introduction

Imagine you had a free, unlimited power source. How would that be?

And what if this power source could get you anything you wanted in life?

That would be even better, right?

The good news is, you do.

It’s your erotic energy.

Your erotic power is the ability to make things happen and people do things using your life-force, sensual, erotic, or sexual power.

How does it work?

People–men and women–have basic needs. They take steps to meet these needs based on the feelings they have. Simple, right?

One set of the most important needs relates to sex and procreation.

Everybody loves sex.

Everybody wants sex.

Everybody needs sex.

Even if they don’t think they do, feel perfectly satisfied, or renounce sex completely.

Sexual drives and urges have a way of shaking us all up, making us do things we didn’t think we could or would ever do, and, in general, create as much chaos and frustration as joy and pleasure.

This is where erotic power comes in.

Corrupt religion, governments, and advertisers know the power of sexual energy to get us to do what they want. I’ve written more about that in other places.

What most of us are wholly ignorant of is how to use sexual energy to get what we want.

That’s what I am going to help people (you??) with this year.

In my erotic power programs, you learn to accept, understand, and wield your erotic power to get what you want in life. The programs are conceived for straight women, but others may benefit.

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