E-Sensual Authenticity

E-Sensual Authenticity is an invitation and opportunity to be part of a community of connection and understanding on every level.

We meet weekly to explore connection and understanding. (Contact Ryan on this site for meeting times and locations in the SLC area).

It releases us from the dogmas around touch and connection and allows us to consensually approach touch outside of traditional relationships.

In other words, we connect because connection and understanding are needs and we have a right to meet them.

We also explore structures to meet our needs for understanding.

This can’t really be explained. Come see what it is about and create with us.

How did we decide to create ESA?

Ryan’s ESA Manifesto

I am lonely. Most of the time.

I hunger for connection. And I long to be understood.

The ways that society offers to meet those needs has not worked for me:

  1. Touch and listening/understanding were rare commodities in my family of origin.
  2. I was tacitly promised I would meet ‘the woman for me’ and that it would all work out (meaning, my needs in these areas would be met)

That hasn’t proven to be the case.

I have studied other places and cultures where these topics are treated differently.

I would like to try a few other ideas.

Here are the principles behind them:

  1. We have as much ‘right’ to get all of our needs met as we do any need: food, clothing, shelter, etc
  2. Touch, connection, and understanding are core human needs.
  3. Therefore: we have a right to act to get these needs met as much as we do to find food and eat or create clothing and shelter.
  4. Meeting human needs is a collaborative effort.



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