Dear “New Agers”

My Dear “New Age” Friends,

I know even using that term might offend you. I know you eschew labels and limits and judgements from your childhood–no matter whether it was permissive or strict.

I hope, however, that I can have your ear just for a moment.

It was to you I ran after the dogma of traditional religion threatened to crush me.

With you, I found peace! I found meditation. I found connection. I found freedom.

And yet, the further I dug into our co-created world, the more my and our definitions and expressions of freedom paradoxically limited me.

I saw extreme cliquishness.

I experienced people who had no understanding of their own boundaries or of others’.

And I experienced a tsunami of name-calling, blaming, attacking, and infighting.

This was not what I was expecting!

I chose to go back through my experiences and my life to find what I needed to become happy.

And it’s a mix.

It’s a combination of good things I learned with y’all and things I learned in other places.

  • Commitment and dedication paired with freedom and openness.
  • Agreed-upon codes of conduct combined with deep respect for each individual.
  • A grounded spirituality of virtue that encourages miracles and plays in energy consciously for the good of each member and the collective.
  • A group that is open enough to allow in those who want to improve and learn, but not one which allows violence and predatory behavior.
  • A beautiful balance of everything that felt right in each world.

I desire to foster an environment where we can balance all that is useful from what I learned from you with what I’ve learned everywhere else as well.

I’ll be sharing that more and invite you to tell me what your experience and feelings are as you dive in with me.

Let’s all do this together?

In love,
Ryan Orrock



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