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“I’m Not a Real Goddess, But I play One on the Playa”

“A tantra workshop is where men go to worship women dressed like goddesses.” – Anon Good Friend

I thought that was hilarious when I first heard it. And pretty accurate as well.
After all, what does a goddess do?
  1. A goddess controls her world. Is there anything in your world–especially in your immediate environment that you are unsatisfied with? money? love/sex/romance? health? A goddess can fix any of those by snapping her fingers.
  2. A goddess is worshipped naturally. All those things that come to a goddess–power, obeisance, respect, reverence, worship–she doesn’t have to beg, hope for, or bully people to get. They just happen. They see her and they know. “She’s for real!”
  3. A goddess makes things better for everyone. Where a goddess is present, everyone is blessed. Everyone has more of what they want and need. Everyone is happier and more satisfied. Everyone feels that the world is a good place.
So, how is it–are you a goddess?
Or are you a goddess-in-training?
Or, even worse, do you only dress like a goddess?
It’s not really your fault. I understand how, when we discover the lies about the world and our childhood we want to quickly jump to the place where all is safe and we are in control…
But it’s important that we know where we are, because deluding ourselves about having ‘accomplished’ (believe me, I know), is a lot worse than realizing we have some work to do yet.
And there is no ‘jumping’. There is just climbing out of the pit we find ourselves in step-by-step, day by day until we reach our true god/goddesshood.
So what to do?
Be a goddess.
  1. Fearlessly clash with the Gods. If you want to be a goddess, you have to be able to handle the gods and their lesser versions, mere men. Can you handle them? Can you do battle with love and without losing your cool? And when you meet a “god”, are you awestruck or can you engage in power?
  2. Obtain servants. If there is some mission you have in the world or something you want to change about your life, do you have the right servants to help you? A true goddess needs and graciously accepts supporters, guides, and patrons. She gathers wisdom and power for all her acts.
  3. Radiate. Are you able to allow your beauty and power to bless and improve lives wherever you go? Or are you scared to let your magnificence be seen? Practice letting your blessings divide to all wherever you are.
Want more evil nasty goddess-bashing goodness?