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“I want 21 sexual experiences every week!”

Of course you do.

You deserve massive orgasmic pleasurable experience regularly. 3x a day. More if you want!

And, if you aren’t getting that, let’s work on making that happen! I would be overjoyed for you to reach that goal.

And, when we dig deeper, what do we find? Why is it you want sex 21 times per week?

Well, each sexual experience seems to be only fulfilling you 33% for the day. I wonder if we can dramatically increase your pleasure and experience during sex (with yourself, alone, in your mind, through your breath…!!!) so that you reach a completely fulfilled and satisfied state?

I believe we can.

Perhaps it will be possible after just a session or two. More likely it will take a few weeks or a couple months to achieve.

I believe all women [and men] can completely up their orgasmic level with effort. It’s like playing the piano or ice dancing or a sport. This has been my experience.

If you raise your orgasmic potential, you can get 2x or 3x or even maybe 21x the pleasure from each experience that you are getting right now. Would that work as well?

Contact me and we’ll get on it.


Women who “Snow Under” with Their Talking

There is a very loving, gentle, patient kind sort of woman I am running into quite a bit recently. And I am sad for her.

In fact, they have been my prime clients for about a decade.

This woman isn’t disagreeable. She isn’t loud. She’s powerful. She accomplishes a lot. She is creating her own visions and manifesting her own dreams.

And, when she is with me, she tells fascinating compelling stories about how loving and charitable or smart she is and about how she helps people and never would be offensive.

And it’s there I lose her.

Language becomes ineffective with women for one of two reasons:

  1. A smart woman is [unconsciously] defending her egoic identity through language. Either by: preventing debate or challenge by volume, justifying her weaknesses and failures and fishing for sympathy, or distracting from the thing that would actually help her grow and solve the problem she is discussing.
  2. Or, this same woman can also have so much repressed erotic/life energy seeking a conduit that she uses her voice in a small way to s-l-o-w-l-y let out the energy that has no other expression.

So, very often, I use a particular command for these women.


It helps them tremendously.

I once sat at lunch with a woman like this without her uttering a word. We dropped in so deeply together. I felt her so much more powerfully. All because I took away her primary ego defense.

Sometimes I’ll just hold up a finger and she will stop in mid-sentence. She knows it’s time to be silent and listen. She has agreed to surrender her egoic identity or who she thinks she was when she was using words to express herself.

And, sometimes, she will start to cry.

Because she is seeing what is underneath the wall of words: the pain, the fear…whatever it is. And because the wall has come down, the emotions can come out. Then, the “compulsion” she feels to fill the space with language just evaporates all on its own.


Simple tools are very very powerful.

RULE #3:

3. I will allow myself to be interrupted by you.