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The Miracle of Asynchronous Communication

The miracle of Distributed, Asynchronous Communication

Most meetings consist of people talking about something almost no one in the room has thought about. While that may have some value synergistically, imagine all of them coming together to talk about X *at the time that works best for them*. Like: after they’ve thought about it. Or when they feel relaxed and open.

To some degree, this is what comments on the Internet do–except that that is more about self-expression.

If all of those people were focused on one goal, however…

We don’t *get it* yet. We know how telephone and internet enable us to speak to people far away.

What we have not yet understood is the power that asynchronous (meaning both people are not communicating at the same time) gives us to collaborate.

Even if we are in the same office, if I can send you a message that you can look at *when it works for you* instead of when *I* sent it, you just got a lot more productive.

I am seeing that if I can get people to agree to async communication with me, saving synchronous communication for the most important key times, I can give so many more people my best than is otherwise possible…

I’m running entire coaching programs on messenger.

This will be the future, or a big part of it.

Another great tip:

There is a part of me that just wants to be told what to do. Sometimes I sit down at the computer and say “Now what?” Nothing happens.

Other times, I am brimming over with ideas and things to do.

So, what I have learned to do is to use a messenger which allows this to talk to *myself* in the future.

“This is a great idea! Do this!”

It’s the equivalent of carrying around a note pad. Except it’s infinitely big, can carry voice notes, never loses anything…

I just go back to my own chat, “Oh yeah!” and do that thing.

Thus, “Follower me” and “Leader me” can collaborate in perfect harmony.