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#1: Having a Great 2015

In this inaugural podcast, Sunny and I have lots of fun. I talk about my most dangerous moment of 1992 and share 3 keys for success in 2015.


Wanna know a secret?

I’ve hung around some pretty big ‘gurus’. Teachers. In relationships, intimacy, sexuality. And consciousness.

And guess what.

None of them have it together any better than you have.


What do you expect? That some ‘guru’ has the holy grail for sex? Relationships?

Someone knows how never to break up? How to keep your partner forever?

Nope. Relationships are very simple. Not much different with a dog than with a person.

Relationships have their own natural processes and you can’t control them.

Two parts:
Know what they want. Give it to them.

And ask for what you want (most of us can’t do that one).

It’s just like Starbucks or WalMart or anywhere else, where you do the same thing.

Link mentioned in the show:

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