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There are Iron Filings in your Breakfast Cereal

And anything else that says, “Enriched Wheat Flour” on it.

There is a long and interesting story behind this. Basically, when they started making flour in massive quantities long distances from cities, they had to preserve it.

To preserve it, they had to remove that which could oxidize: the wheat germ (or the part that holds the nutrients).

But then, guess what? They had no more nutrients in the flour. So what did they do? Put in similar chemicals to the vitamins stripped from the wheat. And for iron, they used iron filings! Even though the iron in food is nothing like ‘iron filings’ but is instead in a form that your body can use.

So, pretty much all Americans eat iron filings every day, in small quantities. And wonder that they aren’t healthy.

And that is approved by the FDA.

So, this is the gov’t agency that keeps you healthy. And they approve feeding you iron filings. What else do you think they would let you eat that maybe wasn’t good for you?