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1:1 Sessions

Normally, I only work together 1:1 in very long term programs, but for the next couple weeks/months, I am offering a few individual sessions.

And, these aren’t your typical 1:1 sessions.

They have 3 parts.

My 3 rules apply for all of them for efficiency and effectiveness!

First: We meet for 30 mins to talk about your goals for the upcoming session and otherwise. We talk about what I believe will help you which we will do in the next meeting in two days. I give you homework.

Then: We meet 48 hours later for the actual session. This is 4 hours of focused work together. It can include some element of H.E.D. as well as any of the other modalities that may be helpful. We will talk about this in the previous meeting. You receive homework or stay with what you received already.

Finally: 48 hours later, we meet again to follow up on your progress, answer any questions you may have, and discuss next steps.

These sessions can happen live or via Zoom or phone.

You have unlimited e-mail and messenger ( access to me for 30 days from the first 30 min session. More e-mail and messenger support is available at a reduced fee or with another session.

Contact me if you are interested.


An Open Letter to Energetically Gifted Millenials

Dear Energetically Gifted, Empathic, and/or Highly Sensitive Millennial,

I get where you come from. I hear the stories over and over. Life has been tough. Very tough. You might have been born into a tough family. You might have had serious abuse there.

Even if that wasn’t the case, you were not understood by your family or peer group. You hung around older people. You had weird interests.

Often, what you saw, heard, felt, did–who you were–instead of garnering praise, got you punished. Talk about a onslaught to your abilities!

Talk about dishonor for your gifts! Insult to your very being.

I’m sorry. They didn’t know what to do with you.

The truth is: you are different. You feel things no one else seems to. You sense and know things others don’t. You don’t fit in.

I get it. I’ve been there.

I know the rage that comes from not being understood–both how I feel and what I think. And how that seeming disregard for who I am made me wonder which of us had to disappear–the others or me–for me to be happy.

It’s no joyful place to be. The frustration, pain, and sadness can be overwhelming.

Whether people are telling us that we are special or weird, they just don’t seem to get it.

The temptation is there to reject ‘the old ways’–your family, their traditions…that life and world that hasn’t treated you how you obviously deserve to be treated.

You feel like an alien. Like you’re in the wrong place. Like you just don’t belong and never could.

The good news is, you aren’t in the wrong place. You are not just in the right place, you are in the perfect place. The world is still catching up to you, however. And that’s happening faster all the time.

In fact, you will fashion the world to be as you see it could be.

But that will be no simple journey.

Your challenges and difficulties are there precisely to teach you things that you could not have learned any other way. To strengthen you in ways that nothing else could have. Someday,  you can feel as much gratitude for them as you might rage and devastation now.

Yes. You are wise. Yes. You are powerful. Yes, you have been misunderstood.

But you are not alone. Not totally.

Although your generation may have more seers and prophets/esses, more miraculous and magical people, we have always been there.

Many of us were once at the age you are now. It’s true: some of us abandoned our gifts and hid them out of self-preservation. But some of us also have accepted and began to apply them to bless others and enjoy who we are.

I remember having my first transcendent experience. In that moment, I knew everything. Any question I asked was answered. I felt invincible.

I knew I was complete in myself and didn’t need anything or anyone else.

And yet, I was still in a world of people. I wanted to go live on a mountain top. But my deepest truth told me not to withdraw.

I lived in the world and ‘plied my trade’–vowing never again to waste my time or valuable life energy doing things I didn’t want to do for the illogical and destructive monster that so much of society had become for me.

After struggling along for awhile in my newfound ‘omniscience’,  there were nagging issues in my life that I still couldn’t seem to resolve–my health, my challenging relationships, and my finances. I finally had to admit: knowing ‘everything’ is sometimes not enough.

There were many questions I didn’t even know to ask in order to exist in this world and enjoy it as I believed I could and should.

And so I did something that is quite challenging for someone who feels they know everything.

I asked for help.

I began receiving coaching, mentoring and support from my elders, those more practiced than I was, and those who just plain had experience in things I did not. Both about the topics at hand and also in how to be in this world.

And, I was surprised about how much I wasn’t seeing…how much I benefited from that support. And how much psychological work was still to be done, on top of all the spiritual work I had been dedicated to for over a decade.

Sometimes, when I see someone like you, I think of me then: seeing and feeling so much and yet feeling so undervalued, unappreciated, unaccepted, and even helpless.

And then I wish I could tell you what I wish I had known back then.

What do I wish I knew?

  • I needed someone who could see and feel me just as much as I feel and saw everyone else.
    Despite my empathic gifts, I was out of touch with my own feelings.  They didn’t feel welcome growing up, so I had buried and lost them. I needed someone like me to help me see and identify what I was feeling, tell me what I was thinking was ok, and help me develop my gifts. My psyche and relating had to catch up with my energetic and spiritual.
  • I’m perfect just the way I am. There is nothing ‘wrong’ with how I was created or what I want and need. For this reason, I don’t need to hide myself or be ashamed.
  • I’m an important piece to the puzzle of this world.
    I’m not an ‘alien’. There is space for me here. Not only can I be tolerated, but my gifts are powerfully needed in this world. It may take us a little more time and effort than most people to find where we fit in and how we can contribute–and have that contribution be valued–but it is there, and we are important and valuable to others.
  • Many things do take time. Be patient.
    I was used to straight A’s without any studying. But there never seemed to be anyone who had time enough or interest enough to listen to all I had to say.
    I felt pressure. I rushed. I needed to hurry.
    But, even when I rushed, some things I couldn’t learn or perfect in an evening, a weekend, or even a month.
    I had to go back to those things I hurried through over and over and over again and put in the time, practice, and effort to really understand and perfect them.
    This included virtually my entire childhood.
    Along the way, I learned that there is enough time.

I have dreamed about the perfect Professor X School for Gifted Young People. Some of us are working on it.

In the mean time, know that:

  • You are not alone.
  • Many are willing to support you.
  • There are many who get you–much better than you may have ever experienced.
  • There is enough time. We don’t need to rush.

You have massive skills and abilities. The greater they are, the longer they may take to practice. To hone. To perfect. And to be able to present in a way that the world can accept and you can benefit from them as well.

I’m happy you are here. We need you. Never give up. Keep going. It will get better. You will get through it. Look for people who can help you and you will find them.

We are changing things and it is awesometastic.

Greatest blessings be with you on your journey.

Ryan Orrock


What I “See”

EnergyI have really been cautious about those “weirdos” like tarot readers, astrologists, numerologists, and so on for pretty much, well, ever.

Until it dawned on me I *was* one of those weirdos.

When I went to my first John Hawken 1 tantra training week, he gathered everyone into groups of ten, asked one person to stand in the middle and everyone else to tell that person what they saw, physically and energetically.

Then he commented on every person as well.

I was mystified. He took one look at you and told you about your parents, your emotional patterns, your current life situation, how you usually solve problems, (and how that wasn’t working) and what your current areas of growth were.

He did all this without you saying anything.

How did he do this? He was reading (and interpreting) two things that I didn’t know existed up to that point.

#1: Energy

#2: Body structure a la Wilhelm Reich

When I saw him do that–and be pretty much right on the money–as just about everyone agreed with him 2–I said, “I want to learn to do that.”

So, I spent the next three years following him and cultivating these abilities. 3

I had a ‘knack’ for it. And eventually, I was able to see the same things.

But, for some weird reason, it took me a long time to let people know that.

Maybe it was because it was too ‘woo-woo’, weird, or ‘out there’?

Perhaps because I am super conscious of all the hucksters and con men (and women) who prey on others, claiming ‘esoteric knowledge’.

But the fact is, these types of things are very accepted by numerous cultures who are a hell of a lot happier and healthier than we are. They have names for energy – “chi, prana, ki”. And they have scientifically-proven systems of moving and balancing the energy (acupressure, acupuncture) that really heal things.

And, the further I go down the rabbit-hole, the more these things are screaming at me with every deeper encounter. So it became the elephant in the room.

Some people can see tumors or interior lesions. My particular specialty is seeing relationship and, ‘life energy’ patterns.

Meaning, I get information about the questions:

  • “How are you living and moving in your life, and how is that affecting your emotions and well-being?” and
  • “How are your interactions with some other person (usually spouse or long-term partner) affecting your life energy and the results you get in the world?”

Imagine it like the Ghost of Christmas Future coming to you and saying, “If you don’t change your ways, you will end up where you’re going! (like Marley)”. Sometimes it’s like that.

Which, I suppose, is why I gravitated to a teacher who had a similar gift and talent.

Once I began to see more and more clearly, 4 I discovered and began implementing the other two ‘parts’ of my gift.

Which were: verbalizing and describing what I saw and ‘moving’ the energy (or providing exercises to move the energy) to get different results in health, relationships, money, or whatever.

I’ll write about those both in other articles.

  1. The first time I met him, the first sentence out of his mouth was, “You are a point of consciousness and a flow of energy.” And I was captivated. Something deep inside me said, “This is what you have been looking for your whole life.” More on this in other articles.
  2. And even if they didn’t, the other people in the group said, “Oh yeah, you’re TOTALLY like that!”
  3. As well as dealing with my own shame, guilt, fear, and beliefs around sexuality and pleasure AND learning the conceptual frameworks of people like Reich who used to map this stuff
  4. actually, this gift had been with me since I was a teen who friends came to for relationship advice