About Ryan


A “breakdown” at 27 caused me leave my religion, my marriage, and go searching for pleasure, acceptance, and connection off the beaten path.

I fell in with tantric gurus, renegade hypnotists, sex workers of all stripes, and constructed my own new spirituality. I visited Occupy Wall Street, intentional communities, and BDSM dungeons.

I spent five years studying touch, sexuality, energy, and pleasure.

Then I spent five more years studying relationships, communication, mindwork, and the business of service.

This, after eight years of owning my own tech consulting and software translation businesses.

This path has shown me the power of integrating eroticism and pleasure with the rest of life. In fact, life can’t be complete without that integration.

Now, I use all of the ‘forbidden techniques’ I learned for fast and pleasurable healing, transformation, and spiritual growth.

Talk to me if:

  • You want to be seen truly
  • You want fast emotional and relational healing
  • You love authenticity, vulnerability, and transparency
  • You want to create a new world for us all to live in free from shame, violence, and fear around our bodies and connecting with others