1:1 Sessions

Normally, I only work together 1:1 in very long term programs, but for the next couple weeks/months, I am offering a few individual sessions.

And, these aren’t your typical 1:1 sessions.

They have 3 parts.

My 3 rules apply for all of them for efficiency and effectiveness!

First: We meet for 30 mins to talk about your goals for the upcoming session and otherwise. We talk about what I believe will help you which we will do in the next meeting in two days. I give you homework.

Then: We meet 48 hours later for the actual session. This is 4 hours of focused work together. It can include some element of H.E.D. as well as any of the other modalities that may be helpful. We will talk about this in the previous meeting. You receive homework or stay with what you received already.

Finally: 48 hours later, we meet again to follow up on your progress, answer any questions you may have, and discuss next steps.

These sessions can happen live or via Zoom or phone.

You have unlimited e-mail and messenger (telegram.org) access to me for 30 days from the first 30 min session. More e-mail and messenger support is available at a reduced fee or with another session.

Contact me if you are interested.




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