The Pleasure Path

Granting permission to pursue pleasure exquisitely…and teaching just how to do that!

We are all pleasure-seeking beings. That is what our bodies do.

Yet, in our world, pleasure is denigrated. We are taught to be ashamed of our desires, passions, and pleasure. We suck the watermelon of pleasure through a tiny straw and wonder why we never feel full.

We say: “Delete my browser history!”


Shame? Control? Fear?

Time to let go of all of that.

Time to embrace ourselves as pleasure-seeking beings.

Time to accept this aspect of our natures.

Why else live if not to sense-ually (through the senses) experience life?

Can we have a spiritual or emotional or a fulfilled without experiencing pleasure?

We are more than thoughts. We are more than emotions.

Join me on the search for the deepest, most fulfilling pleasurable experiences and achieve your highest aims and greatest successes through  and NOT in spite of your pleasure and desire!

I have a program to do just this. You can also get more (free) information by clicking the links on the right side of this page.

I look forward to your pleasure.

Ryan Orrock