(Audio from Joseph Kramer on personal mentoring)

This Could Be YouCaterpillar to butterfly.

Baby to adult.

A tiny seed to a mighty oak.

What is your next transformation? And what is in it’s way?

“Your challenge creates your capacity. Your current conflict is the cradle of creation”

I’ve often felt that there was a ‘next step’…something missing in my life to be found somewhere in the shadowy path that lie before me.

There is where our journey starts!

I took a step into one such journey and emerged as a completely different person. Several times!

Some of my transformations:

  • “True believing Christian” –> Spiritual seeker and philosopher
  • Sexual neophyte –> Pleasure adept
  • “Good in school” –> Powerful healer and life teacher
  • “Church Leader” –> Clarity guide
  • “Sensitive male” –> Erotic dominant (!)

…and the transformations continue!

In almost every case, I found someone who:

  1. Had taken a similar journey.
  2. Was willing to guide me.
  3. Had an understanding of the process.

…to show me the way.

After having been led so many times through so many perilous pathways (and yet still falling often!), I owe it to those who guided me to support others through some of these transformations

Some of those include:

  • Sexual healers who want more impact in the world
  • Men who are searching for connection to their mission and warrior energies for deep fulfillment of their masculine core
  • Severe trauma and abuse victims who are looking for freedom and authentic relationships
  • Coaches, healers, and ‘power people’ who have become exhausted and depleted

What do you want to transform?

I’ll hold your hand during the journey and together we will negotiate the pitfalls and traps that come with moving into a new world.

The first step is a Clarity Breakthrough session. You can find more information about that here.

Leslie’s experience: